Strategic Advisory Board

  • Dr. Fred Moll

    Dr. Fred Moll

    Co-founder of Intuitive Surgical Inc.
    and Auris Health Inc.

  • Rony Abovitz

    Rony Abovitz

    Co-founder of Mako Surgical Inc.
    and Magic Leap Inc.

  • Ajay Royan

    Ajay Royan

    Co-founder of Mithril Capital

Clinical Advisory Board

  • Prof. David F. Chang

    Prof. David F. Chang

    Clinical Advisory Chairman

  • Dr. Vance Thompson

    Dr. Vance Thompson

    Clinical Advisory Member

  • Prof. Boris Malyugin

    Prof. Boris Malyugin

    Clinical Advisory Member

  • Dr. Elizabeth Yeu

    Dr. Elizabeth Yeu

    Clinical Advisory Member

  • Dr. Sam Garg

    Dr. Sam Garg

    Clinical Advisory Member

  • Dr. Modi Naftali

    Dr. Modi Naftali

    Clinical Advisory Member

The Visionary Team

  • Dr. Daniel Glozman

    Dr. Daniel Glozman

    ForSight Robotics Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Glozman has specialized in robotics for medical applications for over 20 years, heading R&D at Medtronic Ventor Technologies, Magenta Medical, Diagnostic Robotics, and Guide-X (XACT Robotics technology), which he also founded.

    Dr. Glozman holds a BSc, MSc and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, all from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. He also did postdoctoral research in medical robotics at the University of California Santa Cruz, where he developed the Raven II teleoperated robotic system.

  • Dr. Joseph Nathan

    Dr. Joseph Nathan

    ForSight Robotics Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer. Previously, Dr. Nathan directed healthcare commercialization at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, where he forged partnerships worth over $1 billion with global pharmaceutical and med-tech companies. Joseph also served as director of New Ventures for the Alfred Mann Institute at the Technion, a $100 million joint venture incubating medical startups.

    Dr. Nathan holds a BSc in Biotechnology Engineering (cum laude), MSc in Industrial Engineering and an MD, all from the Technion. Moreover, Dr. Nathan completed 3 years of residency in ophthalmic surgery.

  • Prof. Moshe Shoham

    Prof. Moshe Shoham

    ForSight Robotics Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer. Prof. Shoham is an acclaimed emeritus professor of mechanical engineering at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and former head and founder of its robotics laboratory. Prof. Shoham a is a worldwide authority in the field of robotics whose life work is dedicated to developing technologies that improve patient care. Besides his many academic honors, Prof. Shoham founded Mazor Robotics — the leading spinal robotics platform has since been acquired by Medtronic for over $1.6B.

    Prof. Shoham holds a BSc in Aeronautical Engineering, MSc and DSc in Mechanical Engineering, all from the Technion. He is also a member of the US National Academy of Engineering.

  • Michal Tartazky

    Michal Tartazky

    ForSight Robotics Human Resources Manager. Ms. Tartazky brings over 15 years of experience in the fields of human resource & people operations. Michal has worked at multiple technology companies including Intel (Nasdaq: INTC), Vocalzoom, and MeMed Diagnostics, in addition to academic experience at the Technion Innovation Center. During the course of her career Michal has defined strategic vision, HR roadmaps, and supported diverse business goals.
    Michal holds a BA in Sociology & MA in Public Administration (cum laude), both from Haifa University.

  • Ofer Arnold

    Ofer Arnold

    ForSight Robotics Director of Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Arnold brings a background of over 20 years of mechanical design, project management, and team leadership in the medical device sector. Mr. Arnold specializes in the design of robotic systems, electro-mechanical devices, and injection molded plastics. Ofer previously headed R&D at Gordian Surgical, served as Director of Mechanical Engineering at XACT Robotics, and managed the mechanical team at Medingo (acquired by Roche).
    Ofer holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

  • Itzhak Gold

    Itzhak Gold

    ForSight Robotics Head of Software. Mr. Gold brings over 20 years of hands-on experience in managing engineering groups and complex, multi-disciplinary projects. Prior to joining ForSight Robotics, Mr. Gold founded XR-VISUAL Ltd., a company developing innovative virtual reality applications for home design. Beforehand, he led large-scale R&D projects at Elbit Systems in the domain of augmented reality, head-mounted displays for pilot applications.
    Itzhak holds a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science from Haifa University.

  • Oshri Vaknin

    Oshri Vaknin

    ForSight Robotics Product manager. Mr. Vaknin previously worked at Mazor Robotics as a product manager (acquired by Medtronic), a medical device company that develops a robotic solution for spine and brain surgery. During his tenure at Mazor, Mr. Vaknin was involved in all stages of the product life cycle. Prior to Mazor, Oshri served as a Manufacturing Group Manager at Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) where he gained substantial operational experience in volume performance, quality goals, and manufacturing facility processes.
    Oshri holds an M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering and an M.B.A from Ben Gurion University.

  • Shiran Conforti

    Shiran Conforti

    ForSight Robotics Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance. Ms. Conforti has vast experience in multidisciplinary medical device products. During her career, Shiran has established regulatory strategies, with a track record of successful global submissions and audits, managed different aspects of quality assurance and design controls activities, while meeting business objectives. Prior to joining ForSight Robotics, Shiran held several management positions in medical device corporates and start-up companies, including Medtronic (Mazor Robotics Ltd.) and Q Core Medical.
    Shiran holds a B.Sc in Medical Engineering (cum laude) from Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering.

Visionary Investors

We’re proud to be backed by investors who share our vision of improving eye care worldwide.

  • Eclipse is an early-stage venture firm managed by a team of former operators who are passionate about modernizing massive, physical industries like manufacturing, logistics, transportation and healthcare. Founded in 2015, Eclipse works side by side with experienced founders who understand the need to transform these industries, providing guidance on everything from operating best practices to fundraising strategies. Partnering with Eclipse means deep engagement toward building generational companies in sectors that define and propel economies.

  • Mithril is a venture capital firm co-founded by Ajay Royan and Peter Thiel. Agnostic to sector and geography, the firm invests and partners with teams that use technology to build valuable and lasting businesses, often in industries long overdue for change. Each of these businesses is unique, but all face common challenges to unlocking long-term growth. Mithril helps navigate these critical inflection points and invests in size and with conviction. Mithril is headquartered in Austin, TX.

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